ow here is a difficult one. I could write about how I paint, about Classical Realism versus alla prima techniques. About painting real ‘things and people’ or making abstract forms, shapes and colour combinations. But I’m not sure things are so clear cut as that.

Creating a feeling of space and volume of things that seem to be actually ‘there’ – this is the magic of painting for me and explains the Florentine Classical Realism that I learnt and love. But artists are always evolving and finding new subjects to explore that can need their own way to be painted. Sometimes the same subject is painted in different ways, on a smaller or larger scale, maybe the colour pallet will vary, even the surface chosen to paint on which will change the atmosphere and ‘look’ because on a smooth surface the brush and paint will flow, on a more textured surface it will need to be built up slowly or thickly.

The point of all this?

Let’s stay with real things in real space we will recognise what is there. It could be a cup, a flower, a face, fabric – maybe fine, transparent, thick, rough, crumpled – and respond to the skills and choices of the artist.

In these collections there are some very still-looking still lives, some that seem animated, some characterful faces. Right now I am trying to fuse an ephemeral quality into things. Which means a different way of handling the brush and a diffrent way of thinking.

The results? Let’s see!

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