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This New Website

Works in Progress and this Site in the Making

This new website has been a labour of love over the past summer, designed in collaboration with, and powered by (I love that expression), Zara Rowe of the Antiques Marketing Company who I met while preparing for the Petersfield Antiques Fair in March.  For that show I found loading information and images onto my earlier website a slow and tediously DIY job.  Surely someone else could do it significantly better?  I wanted more painting time and fewer technical tasks.  I saw another artists site and that was how I found my way to this brand new design made by people with a lot of ideas and experience. If you have ever spoken to a winning marketing executive who can promise all the hidden wonders that you long for, then you will know why I was won over completely.

I signed up!

A detail of a new work in progress

All of us use websites but when the tables are turned, being a provider of information rather than a consumer makes for some unforeseen complications.  I confess right here, I have appropriated ideas.  Yes, I admit if something I saw elsewhere looked good and worked well, then it was for me, that is how the design was realised.

Two beautiful antiques lent to me by Wakelin and Linfield

In the photographs above you can see the Directoire Commode. It is a lovely piece of furniture which I would so like to have. It was made at the time of the French Revolution – which tends to turn my ideas of chaos upside down. How could such a harmonious design exist during a time of intense upheaval? The woods used, the squared shape of the handles, turned legs with brass tips, it gets lovelier the more I look at it. The chair too has splendid character – I didn’t hang the Stand in a way that I could use it so well for this second fair and very soon realised my mistake – I sorely missed its comfort.

The 1st Fair in March had presented me with a vast and unknown challenge.  The 2nd September Fair  . . . well, less so.  The first time, my Stand No 35 looked nice.  The second time I was utterly delighted. Simon who looks after the electrics and lighting had seen how tricky some of the paintings are, to light. Their black painted backgrounds can reflect the illumination if placed at the wrong angle. He got it to work so well for me this time which made me feel even more an individually valued part of the Fair.

A photo collage of Stand 35

This website went live just before the fair – timing was important.  It was essential that people could take another look online at paintings they had seen and be able to get in touch.

These two things – the Fairs and the Website build – have taken focus and considerations that were new to me and it has been a successful time.  Over the past year I have sold a number of paintings including some of the large still life works and now I need to stock up.  New paintings are already on the easel and I am giving myself time to create a new collection.  I will be sharing it with you  –  right here!

And with this first Journal the Site is beginning to be used as it was made to be. I do hope you will have a look around and enjoy yourself.

I’m heading back to my easel for now . . . Until next time.