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Red drape and white dish



Another story goes with this painting.  The purpose was two-fold.  First to paint something, in this case the cloth, that would be as vivid a red as paint on canvas can possibly be.  The second is to paint something that is white, but how do you do that when the lightest colour of paint you have is white?  What other colours do you use?  This whole bowl cannot be all white if it is to look like a three dimensional object.   Darker paint is needed to show it is turning toward a darker background.  But what colours are needed so that they all look part of something that is glazed and white?  The piece of red silk was something I had bought from the ‘cupboard’ on my last day at St Martins School of Art many years ago.  I still have it, soft and brilliant, folded up in an old (vintage) laundry hamper made of willow that  creaks when the lid is lifted.  The bowl, is in fact a sauceboat with the saucer attached and was given to me as a leaving present by a good friend at Angel Academy – Rusudana Gointi – a terrific artist.  I still have that too, on a shelf among coffee pots, tea pots, glasses and odds and ends.  But this is where its real life was – and in Rusudana’s painting of it.  After six years I realised I could finally part with the painting and it is with another friend – up the road and around a few corners – in her house it looks very at home.  

Oil on canvas  2013  85 x 65cm   33 x 26in 


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