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Grapes and Red Wine



One of those subjects that will always be popular.  Using some lovely purple vine leaves curved around a simple green glass, a fine ‘bottle of red’ and some gorgeous black grapes all set on a set of some very fine hand-made bricks, it is hard to translate the smoke and mirrors of the studio arrangements.  A wooden stool stacked up with several paint cans held bucket with a large spray of vine leaves which were wired into a slightly unwilling, but generous sweeping arch.  At times the lighting, that is always needed for a Tenebrist style Still Life, had to be used to coax the leave arch into this even parade directed forwards but still needing the occasional use of extra florists tape.  And when it was finally finished it was transported very carefully to Florence where we chose this hand-carved frame which was, painted, gilded and aged by our very favourite artesian Corniciaio (framer).  Then equally carefully returned home to the UK. 

Oil on linen  2016   71 x 68cm   28 x 27in   Bespoke Florentine Frame


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