Cast Carpeaux



A charming face though there is varying views whether it is a young boy or a girl.  Whoever they are the look of happiness is so charming as sculptures by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux so often are .  He is know as a sculpture of the Second Empire and how I would love to have a fine replica of The Genie of the Dance, another charmed portrait.  In fact The Met in New York have an exhibition  Fictions of Emancipation: Carpeaux Recast .  I leave you to browse.  For me this beautiful face seems full of light, in marble it must be glorious.  And this particular painting was the result of the final Summer Workshop I joined at Angel Academy of Art.  I had been going to Angel for one of their wonderful two weeks Summer Workshops every summer for 6 years and this one, led by Jay Bloom, clinched it.  I went home and spoke with my husband, as I did every year,  “Oh I would love to be a full time student” .  And then I saw – various circumstances meant that we could do it.  And in January 2010 I became a full time student on the Four Year Program at Angel.    There is a lot in a painting! 2009  56 x 36cm   22 x 14in  unframed


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