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Blue Delft Vase, Chinese Plate and Pears



Still lives often tell stories and here is part of this painting’s story.  It is based on the favourite theme – Blue and White.  The small delft vase came from the Midhurst Antiques Market with a fascinating article on Delft Wear tucked inside  It tells us that most Delft designs are characteristic scenes of Dutch life and landscape often taken from old factory pattern books made at the Royal Makkum Factory who have been producing tiles since 1650.  The white opaque tin glaze acts as a background for the blue decoration.  It became so popular that factories sprung up in England and are still going strong. The plate however I bought in Florence and was told that it is Chinese and was certainly made for export to Europe.  This is part of a story of this still life which was on my easel when someone saw something they liked very much.   They bought it before it was finished.  And now have it in their house where it is in just the right place and so its provenance grows.

Oil on linen  2015  45 x 65cm  18 x 26in


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