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  • A Cluster of Snowdrops

    A commissioned painting that called for a different approach because when I heard what these little flowers meant to my client I needed to express the subject not just as flowers in a vase but as flowers emerging, as they do with such surprising vigour, from the cold winter earth.  I had to include the ground from which the flowers appear not just as a dark space but with other plants, their leaves red and orange crinkled and pleated or pale greenish blue and fleshy, some whispy yellow ones creating a tunnel.  Naturalised crocus are making a significant appearance.  It is against all of this, according to the laws of nature, that the snowdrops were at their very beautiful best.

    Oil on panel  2023  54 x 44cm   21 x 17in

  • First Peonies


    Capturing flowers in oil paint is both wonderful and impossible as they move rapidly towards the light, buds open, petals are shed.  I have various strategies, capturing the gesture and overall dimensions from life is possible.  I making colour notes, drawing studies, sometimes tonal sketches.  Then the value of digital photos certainly has a place allowing a crafting of the three dimensional forms and subtle colour shifts.  Every year there are flowers to return to with more to explore and express.

    Oil on panel  2022  36 x 28cm   14 x 11in

  • Five Daffodils


    All in a row and yet each single daffodil seeming to be ‘looking’ here, there and somewhere else – one almost hidden behind another.  The yellowness of the flowers is delightfully set against their rich orange trumpets.  For artists, these colours can be used almost straight from the tube of Cadmiums – yellow deep, mid, light, lemon, and then oranges and reds all with such powerful properties.  It is quite unusual in figurative painting if the aim is to represent natural life to use such pure vibrant colours.  They are gaiety itself.  

    Oil on panel  2021  28 x 36cm   11 x 14in

  • Light Roses


    This is the second painting of two beautiful roses.  I wanted to try a lighter background which changes the character of the painting.  To me it is light-hearted but I cannot say I have a favourite.  The dark version has a richness the light one a gaiety.  The roses can take any light it seems and still glow.

    Oil on panel   2021   41 x 34cm   16 x 14in

  • Pink and White Roses


    Now and then I find it fascinating and very useful to join workshops, to do something new and work with someone who has a different way of working – but along similar lines.  These two roses were painted in just such a workshop.  Online and over 6 weeks I was introduced to a rather different way of painting – faster and more expressive.  I returned quite a few times to these workshops and am grateful and happy with their influence and greater knowledge I now have.  The artist is called Paul Foxton and he runs varied workshops online.  I think these two flowers are very delightful.  I added some of my own preferences and ways of working from the Atelier system.  The balance works well. 

    Oil on panel   2021  23 x 28cm   9 x 11in

  • Rose Bud


    The simple almost geometric perfection of the rose bud surrounded by sculpted petals has such enchanting individuality I painted it many times and this is the favourite.

    Oil on panel  2021  29 x 24cm   12 x 9in

  • Second Peonies


    Single petals define the beautiful shape of these white peonies, I keep returning to paint them and shall do again soon, this summer .

    Oil on panel  2022  36 x 28cm   14 x 11in

  • Two Daffodils


    A very simple study of two beautiful, almost white daffodils with gorgeous pinkish yellow trumpets.   They are such a gift when they appear after Winter.  In our garden they are preceded by waves of naturalised snowdrops, followed by the earliest crocuses just everywhere, things move on with blue anemone blanda until the main act of Spring is really with us and these wonderful daffodils appear.  In this painting, the background is thinly painted, against which the flowers appear almost sculptural.  Their shapes are wonderful to paint, and lovely to have hanging on one the wall, simply framed.

    Oil on panel  2021   34 x 26cm   13 x 10in

  • Two Roses with a dark ground


    Two more gorgeous roses, slightly different in colour and are the result of another workshop with Paul Foxton.  The rich colours within the cups are the most vibrant with the petals fading in intensity as they curve away from and around, the vivid heart.  This first painting has a deep background that offsets the pale petals beautifully.  One rose is in shadow which heightens the transparency of the petals at the back in a rather astonishing way.  The pattern made by the stems and leaves gives a strong contrast to the composition.

    Oil on panel   2021   41 x 34cm   16 x 14in

  • White Lady


    Such a classic rose.  Its beautiful reflex petals seem to zigzag together into a complex and mysterious form.  I wish I could paint the fragrance too!  It sits so well is the simple white, lightly gilded frame.

    Oil on panel  2021  55 x 45cm   22 x 18in

  • White Lady – colour study


    A close up study of this rose brings to life the intricacies of its astonishing beauty.  Flanked by a bud it has vibrancy that makes the painting seem to radiate light from within.

    Oil on panel  2021  34 x 41cm   13 x 16in