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  • A Cluster of Snowdrops

    A commissioned painting that called for a different approach because when I heard what these little flowers meant to my client I needed to express the subject not just as flowers in a vase but as flowers emerging, as they do with such surprising vigour, from the cold winter earth.  I had to include the ground from which the flowers appear not just as a dark space but with other plants, their leaves red and orange crinkled and pleated or pale greenish blue and fleshy, some whispy yellow ones creating a tunnel.  Naturalised crocus are making a significant appearance.  It is against all of this, according to the laws of nature, that the snowdrops were at their very beautiful best.

    Oil on panel  2023  54 x 44cm   21 x 17in

  • Brilliant Pink – drawing


    This is a graphite drawing that I began as a check that I liked composition for a painting.  There were few flowers in the garden yet these astonishing Malus leaves kept their leathery form and vivid colour so that I could draw them from life with little of the usual difficulties of live plants.  Exploring forms in monochrome is deeply absorbing.  And, as I only have a range of pencils, an eraser and the paper I am drawing on, it is easy to start and clear up after a session which is a big bonus at times.

    Graphite on Paper 2023  40 x 30cm 16 x 12in

  • First Peonies


    Capturing flowers in oil paint is both wonderful and impossible as they move rapidly towards the light, buds open, petals are shed.  I have various strategies, capturing the gesture and overall dimensions from life is possible.  I making colour notes, drawing studies, sometimes tonal sketches.  Then the value of digital photos certainly has a place allowing a crafting of the three dimensional forms and subtle colour shifts.  Every year there are flowers to return to with more to explore and express.

    Oil on panel  2022  36 x 28cm   14 x 11in

  • Second Peonies


    Single petals define the beautiful shape of these white peonies, I keep returning to paint them and shall do again soon, this summer .

    Oil on panel  2022  36 x 28cm   14 x 11in

  • White Lady – colour study


    A close up study of this rose brings to life the intricacies of its astonishing beauty.  Flanked by a bud it has vibrancy that makes the painting seem to radiate light from within.

    Oil on panel  2021  34 x 41cm   13 x 16in