Petersfield Antiques Fair 11 – 13 March 2022

Festival Hall, Heath Road, Petersfield GU31 4EA

Friday to Sunday 10.30am – 5pm
Surrounded by Pay & Display Car Park

Most excitingly I took part in the Petersfield Antiques Fair this March. From me, there was lots of new work, many paintings now framed, some reguilded and all looking their best. The other Exhibitors had some lovely Antique pieces of furniture, jewellery, glass and paintings too.

As many people know I spent a four years in Florence learning to paint using techniques called Classical Realism. Like an old master, aiming to make things look real. And more – still lives with compositions of harmony and beauty, not necessarily painting beautiful objects although often they were.

Reality and beauty. Painting figures, clothed or nude, similar ideas applied.  Portraits? A painter can pose and light a sitter aiming for a good likeness. To express a character giving all their attention to what is in front of them. . . but . . . a subject that I had not painted for a while is flowers. And . . .

Primula (detail)

I like flowers and plants very much.  To paint them I had to evolve my technique to capture translucent petals, to compose with a form that is moving and growing and build my palette with a range of colours of gorgeous subtlety.

Winter Roses (details)

Last summer our Antique Dealing friends Wakelin & Linfield suggested the Petersfield Antiques Fair to me. My own stand! This March was the first time these new paintings were seen.  Many of them are quite small, with fruit and vegetables as well as roses and daffodils.  All of them are colourful.

Yes, there were new works but also on show were some of my more tranquil still lives, such as a lovely Davenport Jug with Shallots.  From a few years earlier are paintings of Figs on a Brass Dish, a Small White Porcelain Basket with Limes and Clematis.

Figs – (detail)

Not too far away ? I hope you managed to come and visit the Fair. But for those of you who did not – you can see them here. 

Just select the Petersfield Antiques Fair menu from the top of the screen to see all the painting that were on show.

There were some beautiful sunny Spring Days and lots of visitors.