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What’s in the Christmas Post? . . . it’s colourful, fun

and full of paintings

Over 10 years ago I bought two ceramic cups and saucers in Florence at a shop called Pasquinucci. Italian names often have a meaning so I looked it up and it means ‘A very spiritual person who often relies on intuition for decision making‘ well there you are!  While I studied at Angel and lived in Italy I bought ‘things for home’ – who doesn’t love Italian design? 

Blue Cup and Basket of Sprouting Onions

About 5 years later, when I was home again, I looked up the name printed on the base of a cups and discovered they are German after all! I bought some more.

1st Brown Coffee Pot , Deep Red Cup and Begonia

Have I set the scene for you?

Brown Coffee Pot – Sketch book Notes

2nd Brown Coffee Pot & Poppies

I find the cups very beautiful in their simplicity and fine, vibrant glaze.

I make a graphite pencil drawing before I begin to think about how it all fits together. You may see a change I made?

Lime Cup with Limes and Hellebores

My Aim

To paint all the cups.  And that is what I’m sharing here.  I wish I had been more disciplined and painted them one after another and all the same size.   But I haven’t.  Secretly I wish I could see them altogether.  But I can’t.  But here I can.  This is how far I have got.  I have more to go. 

Way to go . . . . . . . yet!!

And Very Happy Christmas to you all