Events & Fairs

Working in my studio represents my daily life and is, as I like it to be, part of my home.  I can take short breaks and even get distracted particularly in summer when the garden has so much appeal and so much to do.  One year I shall set myself up in the garden to paint, for now it’s weeding, cutting back and watering – even these tasks inspire me.

But what happens to the paintings and drawings I make in my studio?

We are fortunate with the internet as a gateway and marvellous method of communicating with people worldwide.  I have friends from my Florentine years with whom I still chat on FaceTime, I follow other artists and join them for their workshops in which members interact and show their work to one another.  Much of my work is viewable online here on this website and on Instagram and Facebook.

And that quite naturally leads to Opening my Studio as part of Surrey Artists Open Studios (SAOS) wide reaching initiative.  People from Surrey, Hampshire and even London, come and visit guided by their brochures and online invitations.  There is a fascination in visiting an artist in their own setting.  Myself?  Well, its just where I work but visitors say it’s like stepping into another world.  And I guess it is.  All the brushes, several easels, tripods, paints, odd shadow boxes used to control the light on a subject, sketch books, a big clock, a puppet . . .  but maybe something more?  Perhaps the feel of creativity and visual concentration hangs in the air.

As part of my Open Studio, I always give a short talk about something I hope will be of interest, something that I am absorbed in. This year it is painting flowers which open, grow, move and can be the most ‘perishable’ of all things to paint.  I think how to tackle it Step by Step so I can concentrate on large forms, then smaller ones, overall colours then subtle variations.  By showing examples of these exercises I can explain how this works and show where one of my major props The Munsell Book of Colour plays a part.  Everyone always loves that!  And of course paintings are looking their best, framed and hung as in a mini exhibition.

And further afield?  For a number of years the Antique Dealers, Wakelin & Linfield, have shown my work at fabulous Antique Fairs in London – BADA, LAPADA, Battersea Decorative Fair and more.  Being classically trained, the paintings sit very well in the company of beautifully crafted antiques and it was such a privilege to be in the company of museum class treasures.  Then, and I can still see the day when it happened, sitting in their beautiful home in the Sussex countryside enjoying a delicious lunch, Helen turned to me and said “Why don’t you take your own Stand at a Fair, I’ll help you!”   And that is exactly what happened.  I am now a regular at a delightful country Fair in Petersfield and it is such an exciting and friendly event spanning 3 days, twice a year, that I look forward to it with excitement and hopes.  (And one day I shall go swimming in the open air Lido that is just next door – I really will!)

The next Fair is September 2nd – 4th –  10.30 am – 5pm.  Come and see me at Stand 35 and enjoy all the other beautiful things from jewellery to fine glass, silver to Country furniture and lots more.

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